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Rice Camera Technologies specializes in high-end industrial cameras, infrared cameras, and military cameras for machine vision and military applications.  Products include high-performance infrared cameras and machine vision cameras from X-ray to infrared for advanced industrial, scientific, and military imaging.  These cameras and systems are ideal for high-end applications such as; UAVs, automated inspection systems, and targeting & observation systems. 

Our mission is to be the go-to source for innovative, superior-performing, and reliable cameras and camera technologies for customers in North America.


The Missing Malaysian Airlines Plane would have been found if cameras were used on Boeing 777's.

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 We had an exciting year and want to thank our customers and friends in the imaging industry.
This year we were fortunate to be involved witih a number of machine vision and military systems and customer applications.  We also supplied exciting new high resolution infrared cameras and high resolution machine vision cameras.  
Thank you.
Looking forward to helping you with cameras in 2014!


Rice Camera Technologies together with their manufacturing partner SVS-Vistek GmbH is proud to announce a new family of high-performance machine vision cameras that utilize high-quality sensors, and proprietary electronics combined with special optics. 

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